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Song of the day – 434: TacocaT (and a shout-out to Bust magazine)

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A long time ago, back in the dim and distant past when folk still thought Santorum was some form of fecal over-spill and that Kings Of Leon made good records, I used to write a column for Bust magazine, called EVERETT TRUE’S FIRST LADIES OF ROCKIt was succinct, pithy: four female-led bands described via comparison and adjective and good humour. Sometimes, the music would be saturated by reverb and ennui and a love for the (Phil Spector) Wrecking Crew rhythm section. Sometimes, the music was elastic and stretchy and experimental and groovy. Once, I gave over the column to an entire city – Olympia, WA – and reveled in the righteous fire. Once, I came THIS CLOSE to compiling a proper mix-tape for Bust available to give away and all that, but balked at providing contacts. Anyway, the column was a whole bunch of fun, folk seemed to like being included in it and … it was all about FEMALES. And now, it appears, it’s no longer. Gone the way of my almost-as-fun Village Voice and Guardian and Something Awful and Playground columns. So it seems. Sigh.

Here’s a band that would’ve slotted right in there, great. Recommended nearly eight months ago by Aimee from the wonderful Monster Women, a fellow Agent Ribbons fan. (She also tipped me off to Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, so thanks again.)

And here’s a song that sounds just great. Reminds me of why I love The Hot Toddies’ album Smell The Mitten so much. (I’ve just discovered I’ve never written a Song Of The Day on The Hot Toddies. I must rectify that; and soon.)

From Seattle. (Well, of course they are!) Bonus points for covering Huggy Bear’s ‘Her Jazz’.

P.S. Click on all these links, even the Kings Of Leon one. They’ll lead you to fun places.

UPDATE: Bust haven’t dropped my column at all. It’s every two issues now, and on top of that it got held over from the previous issue … hence the elongated gap. Yay!

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