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Song of the day – 507: U.S. Girls

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U.S. Girls

Distorto-magick, Lucy Cage called it.

My head isn’t entirely here today. I have a feeling this could be post-Micachu. And trust me, if that’s the case, then. Well. Which would you rather listen to? Post-Oasis, post-Animal Collective, post-Radiohead, post-rock or post-Micachu? Hmm. If you really feel that way, maybe you and me should halt with the swapping of saliva, brother. Could turn out that you’re contaminated. I have a strange, shimmering five-track wee beastie by U.S. Girls lying mostly dormant in my iTunes folder entitled Statement, and it’s a strange, sullenly beautiful wee beastie: distorted and distended and old school magical for sure, but with tentacles. Tentacles that go tantric. Tentacles that grasp and envelop and… wait. Confuse.

I bought an album in 1979 called Indiscreet Music – Dubious Collaborations, on a music critic’s recommendation. It was described as two sides of washing machine noises. And it was. Literally. Two sides of washing machine noises. Pressed onto vinyl.

And I bought it.

This is nothing like that, but if you – brother and sister – really are a lover of post-Oasis bands or post-rock then I figure you need a little warning.

‘Slim Baby (long distance dub)’ is the song to go after, before it goes after you. I don’t have that here, though. So here’s something else.

This isn’t it, but it is a Statement.

This video is great, but man. Statement? I think not.

Statement is actually a split album, featuring U.S. Girls, Slim Twig, Dirty Beaches and Ella Orleans. You can purchase it here. I’ll get back to you regarding the other bands. Remind me.

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