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Song of the day – 515: Julia Holter & Jib Kidder

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Julia Holter & Jib Kidder

Another recommendation from Cindy Stern on Facebook. I’m told it’s one of the great lost songs of the summer of 2012, but not having experienced my summer of 2012 yet I can’t vouch for that.

Seems that much about the summer of 2012 is simultaneously synthetic and analogue. That is, lush and drifting and human and bubbly. That is, synth-pop. In the most delightful way, this Great Lost Song reminds me of the gentle cadences of The Pastels, particularly their later work, which surely comprised some of the Great Lost Songs of whichever summer they appeared in? For example, this song. Not that I’ve ever, even vaguely and tenuously, thought of The Pastels as synth-pop so it must be some of the softened water noises in the Holter/Kibber collaboration that’s causing me to think of my Scots pop sweethearts. Equally, Grimes. And not the nose rings nor the high pitch. This is sumptuous, beguiling. Makes you want to voyage forth and discover. It has an unassuming beauty all the more rewarding because it takes several plays to tease the beauty out.

Below, I’ve linked to a post entitled Why academics shouldn’t write music reviews. Click through onto it, and discover one reason why this music has remained a secret from me longer than it ought.


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