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Song of the day – 516: Lady Leshurr

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Lady Leshurr

Ah, a Tamsin Chapman recommendation. Never fails. 

The following song is all subdued and pensive and helpless. Utterly beguiling. (There’s a phrase I haven’t used for three hours.) Reminds me of ‘Stan’ but with, uh, rather different lyrics of course. It’s the pleading voice, the tinkling piano, the ramshackle beats. Stream of consciousness in places. All of us, all we’re trying to do is understand and discover. Most of my life these days I spend shut off. Not wanting to discover. Wanting to shut down. I like this because it’s immediately familiar to me. Isn’t that usually the case? I had no idea I was so down with 2012, though. We all watch our work disintegrate. We all feel like we’re a disgrace. Some of us don’t have the option of finding our own space, though.

The music is so mournful. The music is so mournful.

So nice.

Such a wealth of material. This next song is like everything I like about ‘Beez In The Trap’, minus most everything I don’t. Genius use of space and repetition and languidness.



Lady Leshurr. A lady of leisure. So good. Damn.

There’s a free mix-tape here. Sure, I’m getting it. And all the other ones.

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