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Song of the day – 517: Sasha Go Hard

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Sasha Go Hard

Indulge me. I mean, you trust me, right? And while I appreciate that our tastes diverge on any number of occasions, at least I’m not talkin’ bout starting up another music writing website aimed at eulogising Class War enemies Mumford & Sons, at least you that I have a certain amount of consistency and history behind my choices. Not that it matters shit, of course. I interviewed Gravediggaz back in ’94 and I still enjoy that whole spooky horror show delight sound in hip-hop. Makes it feel orchestral, instrumental, not detrimental, know what I’m sayin’? This is where I’m at today.

This is the Age of the Song, gloriously returned. At 17, I had no time for anything else. At 51, I still have no time for anything else, although for different reasons. This means that I have no knowledge of Sasha Go Hard beyond what follows which, yeah sure, is the way I like it. Listen, I ain’t got nothing against bringing my prejudices and agendas to the table – at least I acknowledge them – but that ain’t what’s going on here. (See comment about Wu-Tang above: this music is familiar to me, but I am totally digging the female groove on top.) I like the immediacy, the immersion into alien worlds. I like living vicariously, on occasion. I like the energy here, the groove. I like the Sassy.  I like Sasha Go Hard, whoever the fuck she may be… or least ways I certainly like this one track:

Here, I found another one and it’s just as fine. Even Radiohead fans could enjoy this.

And another. So what’s your problem here, bitch? Low attention span? Yeah, we all got that.

For real.

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