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Song of the day – 518: Angel Haze

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angel haze

Oh yeah. Thought I’d some research this morning.

Angel Haze is an American rapper and lyricist signed to Universal Republic and Island. She was born in Michigan and grew up in the Greater Apostolic Faith. She released her EP Reservation online in July 2012. She is planning a collaboration with Azealia Banks. She lives in Springfield, Virginia. In 2012, she took part in the BET Hip-Hop Award’s Cypher. She was also featured on Funk Volume’s artist Dizzy Wright’s mixtape “SmokeOut Conversations” on the remix track for “Can’t Trust Em’.” The song also featured on the track now Funk Volume artist Jarren Benton.

The thing is, Angel Haze is mad talented… but it’s annoying to see Nicki Minaj’s name brought up on every female mc’s video that’s trying to make it into the game. If Nicki is that bad, why is she constantly the one who ever female rapper is compared to? They are both in a lane of their own and instead of starting pointless discussions, show the reason you came here and that’s to support Angel Haze!
[YouTube comment]

Alicia is going to see A Tribe Called Red without me tonight. Bitch.
[Angel Haze Twitter feed]

Every time I stay at a hotel I end up leaving at least 2 pairs of shoes and a lot of clothes behind cause I’m too lazy to carry them.
[Angel Haze Twitter feed]

Sorry, Google doesn’t know angel haze

Whatever. The following is mean, nasty and… wait. The following track is deliberately mean and nasty and spooky. It’s on it. I like the line, “My tongue is the fucking rapture, bitch”… and the fact that the lyrics to ‘Werkin Girls’ entirely remind me of this lost punk classic. Nasty, like diarrhea. Know what I’m sayin’?

You can download the ‘Reservation’ EP here. Here’s the opening song from it. It’s sad, thoughtful, sentimental, nostalgic.

It’s killing me that you can download all this great music for free, no fuss – same as with Lady Leshurr.

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