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Song of the day – 522: Glass Candy

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Glass Candy

Sometimes stuff seems so obvious to include here that I totally forget to include it here, and as this series serves a secondary function as some sort of place-holder, a virtual artifact, I need to watch that. I know. Glass Candy, right? So fucking obvious, right?


I have no idea why now, but I was suspicious for a while after they changed their sound from jagged perfection, Fabulous Stains made flesh, to something… much sleeker, sinuous. More fool me. It was probably out of some misguided sense of ‘authenticity’. All it means is that Glass Candy have skirted around the edges of my musical consciousness for years now, never fully engaged – and yet every time I hear them I wonder why I don’t listen to them more. In this, they share something in common with label-mates Chromatics. Maybe it’s that they hint at another life, another existence… one that is as alien to me in the sunny ‘burbs of The Gap as skydiving. I think I’m making silly excuses here (clearly music can serve to take you out of yourself), when the reality is probably far more mundane.

I can’t listen to everything.

Irresistible, like Tetris played by slinky Galaxians.

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