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Song of the day – 524: Jib Kidder

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Jib Kidder

Following on from Song of the Day 515, it seemed only natural to check out Mr Kidder’s solo work.

I’m glad I did. Now, the challenge (as ever) is to tease readers into clicking through to this post from Facebook and Twitter to check out his music. Hmm. Let me have a think…

And while I’m having a think, why not have a listen?

Got it.

Such fertile imagination in a song. One of my musical discoveries of 2012.

A little gentle hyperbole never hurt anyone. Odd how three times as many folk will check something out if you add the two magical words, “…of 2012”.

I mean, fuck description or context or vibrant juxtaposition or little squirmy eye words that burrow their way inside your brain and help layer layer of meaning and enjoyment onto the already virile, febrile, enjoyably oblique and cut-up found sound music. Just tell us straight: IS IT THE BEST FUCKING TOP 10 GREATEST SONG EVER FUCKING RECORDED IN 2012? Should we be handing in our hipster glasses at the door if we don’t check this out? Tell us oh barely-venerated treasure map-keeper, tell us.

Never mind the content, feel the buzz.

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