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Song of the day – 527: Go Genre Everything

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go genre everything - domestic dreams and robots

Here’s the pitch from the label:

GO GENRE EVERYTHING – Domestic Dreams and Robots 7″
An incomparable duo from Melbourne, with a unique brand of mutant post punk noise akin to perhaps Boredoms or The Fall? But probably not. Domestic Dreams and Robots is ultimately a concept. A short escape through self-possessed absurdity, unusual poignancy and sheer entertainment.

Oh man. Can I just step in, and say there is a reason for folk like me to exist every now and then. This is so way off it ain’t even coruscating in the same bivouac.

1. This is nothing – NOTHING – like The Fall. Least not this new 7″ which sounds like an inspired, demented cross between something entirely unfettered and free of constraints of what may or may not be acceptable in the musical world of 2012 (The Bastards Of Fate, say: only far squeakier) and something entirely free and unfettered  by constraints of what may or may not be acceptable in the musical world of 2010 (GO!GO!7188, say: only far looser). What I wrote about the latter band could mostly apply here (substitute Melvins for Rezillos or, what the fuck, don’t):

They’re prolific, for sure. They appear to have no cut-off point. Masses of albums, singles and live albums released over the last decade [two decades in Go Genre Everything’s case – Ed] attest to this. They straddle genres – noisy, for the most part: rock – with an alarming lack of embarrassment. It’s like that explosion of a reference of female-led punk I linked to a few months back, only with GO!GO!7188 taking up the entire side of a mix-tape by themselves. Sometimes, they’ll turn in a set of covers that reminds me wonderfully of my ancient Scots trash sweethearts The Rezillos. Others, they’ll be like an appallingly bad, radio-friendly version of Brisbane’s own I Heart Hiroshima or Skunk Anansie or someone (if only for the ridiculously high vocals). Others, they’re verging on Ecstatic Peace territory. (Song of the day – 132: GO!GO!7188)

When I draw this comparison, I’m really only talking about the incredibly liberating sense of confusion that listening to Go Genre Everything’s new single creates in me.

2. This is nothing – NOTHING – like Boredoms. OK. There’s squealing and freedom and guitars. That’s to the good. That’s a little bit Boredoms. There are melodies just when you’re least expecting them, and also at the very start. Yep. That’s fine. But it’s all subtle and doesn’t make you want to gnaw on your fist in awe. Your arm, yes. Maybe the way the music seems to leap through several symphonies of dissonant sound in the space of two minutes, maybe that’s the Boredoms hook? Yeah, maybe. Maybe the A-side of the 7″ is composed of 10 miniature songs? Dunno. It aims for the stars and over-reaches so easily, so clumsily, it’s brilliant. Throws them away laughing. Frankly, it’s more abstract art absurd than music.

The B-side, meanwhile, is like Jello Biafra crossed with Those Dancing Days, with some Led Zeppelin and Tunabunny thrown in…

Question mark

No, not really, you stupid cunt! Not really.

Here’s what that man Scott had to say about The Bastards Of Fate. Again, I think it’s relevant. And again, I serve only to jumble:

Sure there are reference points — Dismemberment Plan, Beefheart, Flipper, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Nabokov, Brian Eno, Café Tacuba, Borges, Skullflower, Burt Bacharach, and a million more — but all of them are useless. You try to define The Bastards Of Fate, you attempt to explain them, but they squirm away like an anchovy in the bait tank. It’s a mix of beauty and ugliness. The band is constantly subverting themselves, pushing their music beyond understanding. It’s fucking beautiful. (The Bastards Of Fate – Who’s A Fuzzy Buddy (This Will Be Our Summer))


Vacant Valley Bandcamp

Go Genre Everything home page



So. What else? Here’s the cover version. Be warned, it’ll totally mislead you if you haven’t heard this duo before:

Here’s a cute stop motion animation. The music is nothing – NOTHING – next to this new single:

And here’s me, salivating like an underfed over-the-lease rabid dog, at the thought of this new single happening to me all over again:


Here’s another video. You’re going to be wondering why the fuck I’m salivating like a humongous trumpeting elephant if you don’t click on the Bandcamp link first, though:

So what can I drag out of my hype drawer to convince you all to have a listen. Hmm. Let me think.

The craziest, most brilliantly unafraid two songs I’ve heard from Australia all year. No, fuck Australia. Anywhere.

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