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Song of the day – 528: Talk Normal

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Once again. Gobble gobble chomp chomp. The sound of my own words being eaten. Good job they’re so tasty. Once again. Baa baa shuffle shuffle. The sound of me following the leader whistling. 

I’m sure Talk Normal didn’t use to sound so amazing. They do now.

I’m just going to embed the same two videos that Scott embedded in his recent review of the new Talk Normal album. Why not while I’m being led docilely around the music paddock and had a few things gently explained to me?

As he wrote:

Like everything these days, people are totally misunderstanding Talk Normal. Yes it’s No Wave, but only in the most reductive sense — guitars being abused, sometimes in unusual tunings. But it’s a take on No Wave that is more Laurie Anderson that Lydia Lunch, more Mary Margaret O’Hara than Mars. Or to put it another way, it’s better than No Wave.

Hell, ‘Shot This Time’ could almost be The Birthday Party, except it’s better than that. ‘Hot Water Burns’ could almost be Yoko Ono, except it’s… I can’t bring myself to say it. Let’s just say that Talk Normal is its own thing. There’s echoes of the past, but it only could have been made in the present. Sunshine is good enough, and possibly great enough, to suggest they can hold their heads high in any room they walk to.

Talk Normal – Sunshine (Joyful Noise)

I’m now wondering if their name might be some form of tribute to that mighty two-piece Canadian band Mecca Normal.

It’s basically just some words that go before the embed. #musicjournalism (Sean Adams, Twitter)

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