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Song of the day – 529: Katie Got Bandz

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Katie Got Bandz

Wait a minute. So now YouTube can predict my taste? WTF?! Or should I be happy that I’m so obvious and ill-informed?

Damn, but this one is great though. Repetitive and laconic and laden with attitude and danceable as all shit and loping and streetwise (like the fuck I’d know!) and repetitive and deadpan blunt and laden with attitude and boy-girl anthemic and…

It ain’t just a one-off.

Two facts that I ascertained within a second of Googling Katie Got Bandz:

  • She’s from Chicago
  • She’s 18
  • She’s female

Oh wait. That’s three. Three facts. Plus, she once avoided a photo shoot session call from Dazed And Confused, which shows willing and chutzpah for sure. Plus this music is called drill-wave, which just seems absurd. Drill-wave. Yeah, right. Think she might be into the bling. Whatever. Don’t know no more and don’t really care whether I ever do or not. Everything I’ve heard from Katie Got Bandz totally rocks my world, and yes of course there’s a free mix-tape to be downloaded.

Damn. Ain’t I just like a tiny obedient lapdog lapping up all this shit?

Fuck yeah.

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