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Song of the day – 533: Tunabunny

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This pregnant pause is becoming ridiculous. So I thought I’d write me a THIRD Song of the Day for my fiery American sweethearts. Their third album is called Genius Fatigue, and it’s out shortly. Buy it here. He’s charging $12 (with $7 for an add-on bonus of pegs and games and stuff) but really it should be $120 or $1,2000 (or $19,000 if you want to get literal on my ass). And it’d still be worth it. By the end of 2013, Tunabunny will be on the cover of the seven publications you have heard of, and the other five will have closed down because they didn’t get in fast enough.

Tunabunny feature two regular Collapse Board contributors, and the album is being released by a third. Oh, and I’m also intending to collaborate with all four members, same label. Think that matters, affects how I feel about their music? Sure, if that’s what you want to believe.


I can’t hold out forever
I can’t hold out forever

Somewhere in the distance, there’s the sound of sweet girls sweetly calling to each other/All and repose/All and repose
Sweet-need boys
Sweet dissonance
Sweet-need girls
And dissonance/melody
Somewhere in the distance 

Somewhere in the distance, someone is listening to a Throwing Muses album
Somewhere in the distance, someone is ANGRY
A voice chokes out, revelling in its own attraction, seduced by the very act of choking
I don’t know what colour shoes they wear, or the slant of their  slide

I do not patronise
I do not pander
I do not pout

Repetition is a rhythm too.

Somewhere, tricky instruments play fun-smart, dumb-smart motifs/to one another/and occasionally EXPLODE
The giant balloon is a cornucopia, a whirligig of wonder
The sound you hear is angels laughing at your own head

Imagination comes in teams
The key to the treasure chest containing all the maps is right here
All you have to do is grab it

You can’t hide your love forever

  • Voices whisper like guitars have already been invented/guitars scratch like you know you know/.you klnow asaor sdhe dhe as TTTTTTTTTTT
  • My computer screen moves in slow
  • My computer moves in
  • My computer
  • My

Part one is here:
Two is here:
Three is here:
Four is here:
Five is.

Linear? No. yes.
Punctuated? Sometimes

  • Railway tracks
  • Pincer squeezes
  • Little lonely screams


I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna wait any longer

Somewhere in the future, there are no aliens/We are all included


LISTEN TO ‘SLACKJAWED’ HERE and don’t tell me I never treat you. Oh wait. That ain’t much a treat. That’s a miserly 25-second excerpt of the finest song of 2013 on Amazon. LISTEN TO SOME old Tunabunny HERE. Or check out their Tumblr HERE

Actually, you can hear ‘Duchess For Nothing’, the first song on Genius Fatigue, at the label’s SoundCloud. Here it are


No. Wait Here we go. ‘SLACKJAWED’ in its entire fiery entirety. LISTEN TO IT!!! NOW!

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