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Song of the day – 556: Scrabble

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Every town should have at least 10 of these. Failing that, at least one. If it doesn’t, then you know it’s fucking long overdue time to move town (or to start three of your own).

Fortunately, Brisbane has one. Scrabble. “Feel free to waltz.”

I was present at the show documented above. I showed up with my son Isaac (age 7). Everyone was wearing black, or sitting glowering and drinking beer out in the garden. Fucking splendid view! Mountains one side, the city sprawled in front of us like Perth. We perched on a sofa and felt uncomfortable. I had no idea my main lady from Clag was playing! I was buzzed nervous like Kevin Rowland. I was frayed tired like a parent. We perched on the sofa and looked in secret wonder at the people looking in secret wonder at us. There was beer, and wine. Black outfits. The occasional person my age. I’m going to write about the show elsewhere once I track down Isaac’s photographs but… Scrabble, dudes! I have a New Favourite Band in Town. This next song is everything I fricking love and adore about anti-musicians who still insist on clambering up on stage: sardonic and simultaneously vulnerable. Observant, painfully poignant. Basic and chugging and rudimentary and with the odd hammering on the doors of the Temple of Noise. Harmony, because why the fuck not? This, to me, is David Bowie riding out with the stars. This, to me, is Kate Bush swooping through the lower echelons of motherhood. Mountains tremble. Guitars pretend to be violins. “Chaos, noise, No Wave – fuck the post-prog!” Spontaneous, beautiful and anti-belligerent.  A bit of feedback, a basement-load of humanity. I’m sorry but this shit is important. Right now, this shit could be the only shit convincing me to stay in this Fuck You Outsiders, One-Horse White Shirt of a Town.

So fun and so fucking lovable. I rarely doff my cap to any performer on stage, will rarely admit to being beaten at my own game… but for fuck’s sake. So, so good.

Fortunately, Brisbane also has one of these.

…or you can just create your own. 

Follow the five-minute Scrabble song with this song. “My sexy ass has got him in a new dimension.” Makes perfect sense.

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