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Song of the day – 564: Primitive Motion

Song of the day – 564: Primitive Motion
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Don’t trust me. Trust this man. He’s a critic.

‘Interior Sea’ is the best performance of isolation by two people, with its dual vocal, “Nothing is close to me/nothing is close to me/interior sea/interior sea”. Five minutes later different words and melodies rise, glimmering, to the surface; suddenly I snap back into focus and the isolation has become splendid. It reminds me of someone in a book I once read, describing a heroin high as like floating on a sea of jewels, which scares the hell out of me because it sounds incredible. Then the record ends. Primitive Motion – Home Of The Future (Kindling)

I’m way too disjointed to be able to write like that. My approach to music criticism these days is like that of Beyoncé to music on her new single.

This is what Daniel (age 3) says about ‘Interior Sea’:

I want to go on a city cat. This doesn’t sound like anything. I don’t like this one, so turn this one off. Do ‘Never Smile At A Crocodile’ (he also loves Kraftwerk’s ‘The Robots’ and Devo’s ‘Mechanical Man’). That one’s funny. (Starts singing ‘Crocodile’.) I don’t know all the bits! Though I do know the bits from pre-school. I don’t like this one because it’s not the one that I do like. (Carries on laughing, imagining singing along to ‘Crocodile’.) (Raises hand to form ‘O’ shape around eye.) I can see you with my big eye!

Here’s what Isaac (age 7) says about ‘Interior Sea’:

Really dad, I don’t know. (Spins around on office chair a couple of times, wishes dad would stop asking awkward questions.) I’m going now.

Here’s what dad (age 51) says about ‘Interior Sea’:

Immolation and insulation and isolation and imagination. The opposite of sex. Serious music for serious people. “Distant disembodied harmony seeks out distant disembodied harmony for long-term relationship.” Music to play for when you need to calm down. None of these are slights.


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