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Song of the day – 569: Ashley Eriksson

Song of the day – 569: Ashley Eriksson
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There’s a song in particular I want you to hear, ‘Ett Stilla Regn’, taken from a forthcoming release on K Records, Colours.

It was my first (concious) exposure to Ashley Eriksson, even if it is her seventh solo album and she is a soundtrack-writing star of Cartoon Network, and I’m very taken with it – more so than I ever was with Van Dyke Parks, say. It lingers and lasts and lopes with a languid (not neg.) grace. The whole album resonates with a similar easy (not neg.), effortless beauty: I can hear old but never lost friendships in there, and bake sales by the water, and To Market To Market, I swear. My very own personal Jesus.

And now I’ve found this, and I’m more than happy. For this is how I remember Olympia, WA. Ask any of my old friends.




  1. (of a person, manner, or gesture) Displaying or having a disinclination for physical exertion or effort; slow and relaxed.
  2. (of an occasion or period of time) Lazy and peaceful.

to market to market

To Market To Market

Here’s Ashley’s website. Tread carefully, lest you dispel the magic.

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