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Song of the day – 577: La Luz

Song of the day – 577: La Luz
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That’ll teach me to get depressed, fall asleep on the job. I’ve been sitting on this one for 22 days now, been in the Posts Pending box of Collapse Board for all that time. And now Erika Elizabeth’s gone and beaten me to the punch, stolen the steam from my steamed dumplings. Ha!

The four ladies of Seattle’s La Luz have a definite beach blanket bingo vibe, especially if the beach in question is located somewhere in Twin Peaks with the ghosts of crackly 50s doo-wop & 60s girl-group singles echoing from someone’s AM radio.
Single of the week: La Luz – Damp Face EP (Burger) & Call Me In The Day 7” (Water Wing)

Just yesterday! Well listen up. My words would have been way different. I wouldn’t have used ampersands, for starters. Plus, never reference a TV show that everyone else references… mutter, mutter… bloody articulate and passionate American writers, how the fuck am I supposed to compete… mutter, mutter… it’s not a competition anyway… mutter, mutter… oh, just the same fucking clip as Erika’s used, great… mutter.

(What’s the mutter daddy, I can hear Isaac asking sarcastically. What’s the mutter?)

Originally, I came by this via a tip from Jack Lewis. Nice. Parkas pulled over heads, guitars twanged like we’re regretting the music of choice for Slackers. Lost in the woods, but not for long. Analogue organs. Analogue guitars. Analogue vocals. Analogue surf beach party frenzy. Point and counterpoint, stroll and counter-stroll. Saturated sound filler. No edges to scuff your dirty knees on. This vaguely recalls my Detroit sweethearts Slumber Party but then most everything that makes me happy these days does. This vaguely recalls many delights, but has a sunlit haze charm unique to one street in my Chosen City. Like a toddler walking sideways and falling over just because she can. Delicious.

The quote for the Value Village barricades runs thus:

Late to the party, as always, Everett True is nonetheless proud to present Seattle’s La Luz as his latest Song of the Day.

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