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Song of the day – 592: You Me & Us

Song of the day – 592: You Me & Us
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Wait. Do I still like music like this?

Yes. Yes I do.

Here’s the quote for the bleachers:

Ooo, ooo I have a crush on you! The new Song of the day is a song for the day from the eminently adorable Palm Springs trio You Me & Us. Like curling up in bed under the covers on a chill winter’s night with a flickering torch-light, a well-loved copy of Cider With Rosie, and a never-ending stream of buttered, salted popcorn. And the opening 30 seconds of Ramones’ ‘Do You Remember Rock’N’Roll’ and Jonathan Richman’s ‘That Summer Feeling’, Moe Tucker’s ‘After Hours’ and Madder Rose’s ‘Swim’ stuck on delicious repeat and shuffle inside your head. (Or indeed perhaps this five-song debut EP from You Me & Us.) Like all the most special, haunting moments of 1993 never dissolved into the ether. Like your first love (but not like your first love at all, because that always turned sour). Magical, like the word has just been used for the first time.

Here’s the pictorial representation:

cute kittens

And here’s the inevitable musical comparison:

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