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Song of the day – 65: Effi Briest

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Someone was kind enough to send me the Effi Briest album.

I was thinking of subtitling this post “one more reason why I’m cooler than you” but realised that the increments of cultural capital I’m obtaining by behaving in such a juvenile way are micro-minute, and that probably I’m best left talking about circular patterns of light flickering up and down walls again. Maybe you want a numeric value, so that then I could become part of the low common denominator that everyone else embraces? 8.5! (.1! &.%! Why not? Codify language so it becomes an equation. Every critic who’s ever willingly embraced the system just so they can get some paid work is guilty here. Fuck you all.

The video above is of ‘Mirror Rim’. The song will be on the album. The album is called Rhizomes. I am posting this news first here and hence am way more important than you, unless of course “you” are Pitchfork and hence have no value placed on passion or being music’s bitch.

Here’s what Plan B wrote about the song already. (I believe the intro is mine.)

Seven females playing visionary macabre DIY from Brooklyn, entirely written in palindromes about the literary experiments of the Oulipo – swirling like The Raincoats, early avant DIY punky like The Door And The Window.
Louis: Wow, this totally reminds me of something, but something good – Defunkt, or Malaria!
Everett: Malaria! were far more Gothic.
Kick: I like the percussive tangle of it, but it also has sudden Patti Smith lapses from
open and exploratory to hairy and old-fashioned rockin’.
Everett: It swirls and whooshes and acts tricksy in a spatial way.
Louis: It’s got that brambly, ethno sound that Gang Gang Dance has, but with quite a robust, funky groove holding it together. I like it very much.
Everett: I like it very much also.
Kick: Guitars veer toward bombast, but there are enough sparks of otherness to keep it interesting. Did anyone catch any of the palindromes?

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