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Song of the day – 72: Robin Walker

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I know I’ve been slack keeping up this blog the past couple of days. Blame it on the aftermath of my PhD confirmation seminar. I didn’t go out and get drunk, far from it: just felt immensely tired.

This Colarado lady contacted me after reading my Lust-Cats Of The Gutter recommendation. Glad that she did. Played her first ever basement show at Sara Century’s house with them, apparently.

“Songs written in back yards and recorded in bathrooms” is how she phrases her music – it’s an accurate enough description. The quality of the sound reminds me of those first heady Dan Sartain recordings from almost a decade back. She reminds me of several voices, none of which seem relevant: sometimes warbling, sometimes vulnerable, often confused. Somewhere, I think Buddy Holly or Ritchie Valens or Eleni Mandell (the last name probably resonates not at all, but I deliberately missed the encore of The White Stripes’ debut Brighton performance to see Eleni perform a second set at the Greys pub).

The song I love, the Peggy Sue-esque ‘Hate Song For Iowa’ is all thumping admonishments and heartfelt spat-out goodbyes – the best way to treat a spurned or spurning former lover, I say. It’s really taken me: love to hear extra.

Here it is, with a bunch of other stuff too.

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