Song of the Day #770 – Violent Soho

Song of the Day #770 – Violent Soho
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Last Thursday was a bit of a sad day for the Brisbane music scene.

Firstly Collapse Board favourites, The Goon Sax announced that rather than head out to tour with Interpol and then do some shows opening for Pavement, they were instead going to break up. They’ve said there’ll be some final Australian dates before they finish up, which all sounds a bit bittersweet. Good to see them again (assuming there will be a Brisbane show) but sad that this will be the last we see of them. If it was me, I’d be sticking it out for the shows with Interpol and Pavement, but there you go.

Within hours of that news, Violent Soho announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus.

Violent Soho have pretty much been the soundtrack to my years in Brisbane. The first time I saw them was at 4ZZZ’s Market Day at the RNA Showgrounds in 2006. The photos were used in a Mess+Noise feature on the band, back when Mess+Noise was a printed magazine, and this was my first time being published in print in Australia. I don’t think I ever saw them at Ric’s and I have no photographic evidence but it’s possible. I did see them just about everywhere else though. The Zoo (loads of times), the Zoo carpark, the Step Inn, the Troubadour, the Old Museum, the Mansfield Tavern, the Tivoli, the Riverstage, at Laneway, at The Big Day Out. If someone wants to offer a photo pass for one of their two upcoming shows at the Fortitude Music Hall, let me know (I’m not on whoever is doing the PR’s email list if anyone knows the right person to talk to…)

Plenty of photos over the last 16 years – http://www.notaphoto.com/tag/violent-soho/ and http://www.collapseboard.com/?s=violent+soho&x=0&y=0. The feature photo at the top obviously isn’t a band press photo but is from that first time I saw them back in 2006.

Now you know and I know that the words ‘Indefinite hiatus’ aren’t worth the paper that they’re written on. It just means “It’s been a couple of years since our last album, we probably should be working on a new one but at the moment we’re not and don’t have plans to.” Life gets in the way as you get older. Priorities, responsibilities, other things that take up your time and energy. Violent Soho have the benefit of being big enough that if they decide in two years or five years or ten years that they want to play again, any major Australian festival would sign them straight up, probably for a headline set. They probably don’t even need that; they can sell out some of the largest venues in Australia by themselves.

As well as those couple of shows in Brisbane, they’ve also released a pretty good new song, ‘Kamikaze’. This will more than do until next time.

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