Song of the Day #782: Water From Your Eyes

Song of the Day #782: Water From Your Eyes
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Photo: Eleanor Petry 

Well, this is just great.

On first listen it reminds me a bit of Nine Inch Nails but without the all the machoism and put through a more of a cool indie filter rather than an angry man industrial noise one.  The band themselves name drop the futurist-pop moves of Japanese composer Haruomi Hosono and the brutalism of Glenn Branca, which makes perfect sense.

There’s so much going on in it.  There’s a brilliant blend of dissonance, discordance and microtonalism in the background built on top of a pulsating bassline, and Rachel Brown’s vocals and absurdist lyrics- “One two three/Counter/You’re a cool thing count mountains” – are perfect.

It’s experimental, it’s trippy, it’s fantastic.

If they announce some additional dates of their own around the three dates they’re supporting Interpol in the UK in May while I’m also over there, the stars might align and put us in the same city at the same time and that would be cool. Unless they’re planning on touring Australia at some point, which would also be cool (but I won’t hold my breath).

Water From Your Eyes’ Everyone’s Crushed, is released by Matador / Remote Control Records on 26 May 2023.

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