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Song of the day – 90: Kate Nash (again!)

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I vowed not to repeat the same artist twice in this series, let alone two songs from the same album, but…

This song is so weird, I have to draw attention to it, however. Despite the comments from various fans on the ‘net (“she’s been listening to Huggy Bear, Lydia Lunch“) (“is Kate Nash trying to go all riot grrrl or something? Quite fitting that she’s in Seattle if that’s the case” – um, no. Seattle had nothing to do with Riot Grrrl), the band the recorded version of this song most reminds me of, easily, is Crass – particularly latter-day Crass, circa Penis Envy. And that’s just plain weird. Brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but plain weird.

Now will someone send me the damn album!!!

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