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Song of the day (Australia) – 142: The Laughing Clowns

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To celebrate the fact we became Australian last night, I’m going to be posting songs from 10 of my favourite Australian bands over the next week or so.

Ridiculously small number, I know – but 10 is a number that has significance for us in this context, as it’s the number of years it’s taken us to actually become Australian citizens. It was a moving enough ceremony at South Bank’s Entertainment Centre last night, bearing in mind we were just three (plus Daniel) of the 995 being given our shiny new Australian Citizen certificates and tree to plant. It was sweet, queuing up among so many different cultures for our certificates. The politicians kept their blah to the minimum, the house navy band was nicely cheesy and the Aborigines created fire from wood and grass. Isaac and Daniel loved the streamers and music. And ‘Advance Australia Fair’ is a fuck of a nicer song to sing than bloody ‘God Save Some Rich And Over-privileged…’.

Could have done without the “Aussie Aussie Aussie” chant that started up and the clenched fist salutes that greeted it, and being singled out as atheists when we were asked to make our affirmation but. Yeah sure. I feel proud to be Australian. It’s my choice, and it’s been quite a turbulent journey to get to this point.

Anyway. Here’s the first song.

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