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Song of the day – 64: Helen And The Horns

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It’s my birthday today, and I was looking for a special Song Of The Day to celebrate it with.

So James Brown over on Facebook suggested this.

Helen And The Horns – Freight Train

It seems like a very appropriate choice to me. Two-thirds of the horns came directly from the college band I was in (they were called Futile Hurling after a B Kliban cartoon) and I went on to, I don’t know… but I do remember I had an absolute total crush on Helen McCookerybook at the time, and speaking to her incredibly fast and flustered at London’s Rock Garden one time (probably when she was still in The Chefs/Skat). So whatever. I would have been way jealous of my former band-mates but they were way more accomplished musically than me and I was releasing records and writing for the NME by this time, anyway.

James would remember all this, cos we knew each other back then. Same fanzines, “clique versus the bleak” alongside Mr John Robb, etc. Me and James liked the poppier stuff as well as the underground, especially yr Horns and yr Serious Drinking.


James suggested I stay on the transport theme. So

And then post this, for those who missed the train.

Find more great stuff here, from 4th May.

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