Songs about Brisbane – 3: DZ

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[We’re close to being bang up to date with the third song in this series, Brisbane band DZ’s fiery ‘Gebbie Street’, chosen by Melbourne writer Georgia Frances King – Ed.]

You know those mornings when you stumble out of a warehouse as the sun is rising, grasping for your belt and your dignity? The mornings where you can’t remember the name of the person you’ve saved in your phone under ‘MAGIK HANDS’, nonetheless where your keys are?

Brisbane locals DZ are like that glorious strip of bubbling fried bacon that make your hangover worth it.

Still soaked from the beer and other relative juices from the night before, ‘Gebbie Street’ will remind you of where you have been. Like a welcomed slap in the face, its driving melodic thrash and backbeat undertones will bring you to a slow rise. It’s a song gurgling from a street in Brisbane notorious for its slow burn house parties and face-scraping skate hills.

Building off the success of the duo’s DIY fuzzy punk beginnings and subsequent run ins with the Queensland police department, this is the latest single off their debut EP, ‘Ruined My Life’. They’re playing a good handful of shows in the next month, including a Parklife slot. The plan is to get themselves over to New York, where the parties are bigger and there are more young girls’ lives to ruin. That is, if they’re allowed into the country.

Hear more DZ here.

Georgia Frances King

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