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SOTD #745 – Croque Madame

SOTD #745 – Croque Madame
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As summer winds down and the weather begins to chill, Croque Madame give us one last trip to the coast, the lake, the river, or even the local pool. We have no information about this band or who they are, reminiscent of Stereolab, Stereo Total, April March, and the Lucksmiths all at once, yet not 100% of any of those artists. Do we need to find all the details and know the backstory? Who wrote this happy little pop song? Let’s not waste another passing moment of the tail-end of summer to find out. Why not let it be just a great pop song? The who, what, when, where, and why can come later.

The song is all in French and the video has subtitles, but honestly we’ll never take the time to double check the lyrics to the subtitles so we trust them or just make up our own words in English. Either way, this is a song about swimming, enjoying the last days and rays of summer, maybe it’s about love and later-in-life thoughts and feelings, maybe it’s about politics, maybe it’s about lost mail, maybe it’s about paying the cable bill — I guess we’ll never truly know. Well, the ones of us that don’t speak French, anyway. I’m not sure what you’ll be doing with these last days of the summer, but I’m gonna take this as motivation and make one last trip to the lake for a swim before it’s all sweaters and cardigans. Just been informed summer has already past. Oh well, still gonna go swimming.

Croque Madame’s self-titled debut is out now on Emotional Response. Dig it here.

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