Everett True

Song of the day – 102: Dexys Midnight Runners

The following is reprinted from my favourite US newspaper, The Stranger. I once punched a fellow music critic for telling me how much he liked Dexys. I’m not proud of myself. It was due to drink more than passion. It was at one of those interminable mid-’90s “grunge” Reading Festivals, late at night, in a […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 62: Gino Washington

ometimes, a song can just do that to you. Grab you by the throat, shake you up and down, mess your head up good and proper with the constant throb of its bass-line and accentuated beat, and set you back down, upside down. This is such a song. There were two Gino/Geno Washington Northern Soul […]