Tom Randall

Bambino Koresh – Up And Left (Laughing Outlaw)

Proof that our people are still here, and they still give enough of a shit about not giving a shit as to give us gems like this.


Smudge + Little Scout live @ The Troubadour, 09.10.10

Watching Smudge tonight it’s really hard not to feel incredibly nostalgic. It’s not just that the band are part of the audience’s past, tied to a 1990s discography and not having released an album since 1998’s Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra, but something much deeper than that; it’s a nostalgia for bands like Smudge. Once there was […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 167: Smudge

Effortless brilliance. The song is called ‘Superhero’, the city is Sydney and the era is early 90s, slacker generation. Here’s what I had to say about the recent Smudge compilation for Mess And Noise. I’ve since been advised that Smudge have never broken up, have gigged sporadically for several years and might well be recording […]