Everett True

the collected Collapse Board manifestos

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Nina Simone

We’ll be bringing this out in print form, soon as our funding from Arts QLD comes through.

1. Collapse Board manifesto number 9: Pitchfork, the betrayal of music & some great songs
You know what the biggest betrayal by Pitchfork’s editors is? They run with the crowd. They edit and commission and write by consensus. They leave no room for the maverick. They believe reviewing and writing about music should simply be shelf-stacking, accountancy. (Everett True)
2. What the hell are we doing here? A Collapse Board manifesto of sorts.
We have a freedom that the daily and weekly papers lost a long time ago. The freedom to say whatever we want to say, however we want to say it. (Scott Creney)
3. Probably the Most Influential Manifesto of the Past 20 Years
Who started the fire? Arcade Fire did. (Wallace Wylie + ET)
4. Manifest This – Collapse Board exists to prove nihilistic fucktards like Morrissey wrong
If the obliteration of the distinction between (typically self-appointed) ‘experts’ and punters means that music withers from human society, then screw it, you know? It wasn’t worth having in the first place. (Tom Randall)
5. Collapse Board manifesto: The Pervert
It’s this insecurity with my place in the world that leads me to hang on to culture like a bible. (Lewis G. Parker)
6. Another manifesto
I am not ‘professional’; I am an evangelist. (Princess Stomper)
7. a Collapse Board manifesto in six words
(Hannah Golightly)
8. Prepare To Die – A New Manifesto
Are there any albums in your collection that you bought in a moment of weakness? (WW)
9. The Collapse Board Anti-Manifesto Manifesto
Am I the only one annoyed with the sudden blossoming of Collapse Board manifestos? (Joseph Kyle)
10. Collapse Board Manifesto: In Poetry Form
Adam Ant says that there is always room at the top. (Brigette Adair Herron)
11. IN PICTURES: the final Collapse Board manifesto


12. You’re Transgressing All Over Me: Yet Another Collapse Board Manifesto
We propose that all print rags be blown up and all boring SEO lists never be read again. (Logan K. Young)
13. The REAL Collapse Board Manifesto
We at Collapse Board understand that the metaphysical oesophagus to our figurative gut of primal intuition has been clogged with the hamburger of knowledge. (Matt O’Neill)
14. Collapse Board Manifesto Haiku
… (Bianca Valentino)

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