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The Definitive List | The 100 Greatest Songs of All Time, Part 4

The Definitive List | The 100 Greatest Songs of All Time, Part 4
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An interested Collapse Board reader sent in the following questions, literally minutes ago. 

At a hasty convened meeting of the editors, it was decided we should run with the moment and incorporate it into part four of Collapse Board’s 100 Greatest Songs of All Time (instead of writing an intro, or anything that might have involved effort).

In part five, we might get around to answering some of them.

THE TOP 10 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR THE TOP 100 SONGS OF ALL TIME as set by interested Collapse Board reader MIKE TURNER
1. How did Collapse Board set up to decide the Top 100 songs of all time, and what was the formula that was used to decide such a important list that would decide the how all music past, present, and the future would be judged against?

2. If the Top 100 songs of all time has been decided at this point via Collapse Board does that mean any song from the moment that list was created could only hope at best to be song 101?

3. If a song did make it to the new Number 1 status of the Top 101 songs of all time would that be the new standard to which all future music would be judged?

4. Will Collapse Board do a Top 100 list of Top 100 song lists of all time then compile the numbers to make an even more definitive list of the Top 100 songs of all time?

5. Do you think because of the website traffic generator that Top 100 or just lists in general are that Collapse Board will start making lists like Top 100 most unshredding guitar solos, Top 100 songs with ‘the’ in the title, Top 100 songs by bands with one dead member, Top 100 songs that stalled at Number 100 on the Billboard Top 200 of all time lists, and so on?

6. Do you feel that bringing lists to Collapse Board will make the writers at Collapse Board even more lazy than they already are about turning in fresh new content?

7. So let’s say and this is very much hypothetical but any artist in the top 100 songs of all time like Beyonce or Justin Timberlake were to commit a mass murder, found to be a cannibal, or a pedo or something of that nature, would that take them and their song out of the Top 100 in the same way that Milli Vanilli lost their Grammy?

8. Is there any way for an artist on the list to write in and demand or make a case for a higher placement in the top 100 if they were to be able to make a real valid argument?

9. Is it true that Matador Records tried to buy the Top 10 in the top 100 songs of all time list?

10. When will Collapse Board tackle the Top 100 Lisps List of All Time? I already vote in Morrissey and Daniel Johnston, so only 98 more to go.

70. Eric B & Rakim – Juice

69. Olivia Newton-John – Have You Never Been Mellow

68. Paul McCartney – Temporary Secretary

67. Acetone – The Chills

66. The Go-Betweens – Bachelor Kisses

65. The Tours – Language School

64. Tall Dwarfs – All My Hollowness To You

63. Len – Steal My Sunshine

62. The Sharades – Boy Trouble

61. Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot

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