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The Grammys: An Apology

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Alongside several other prominent indie music critics, I might have erroneously given the impression that I, in some way, had a bit of a downer on the annual Grammy Awards.*

Comments like, “Wow. There’s validation for you. A music award from a bunch of people who don’t like music” and “There is a GOD … and She’s in the pocket of corporate America, same as everyone else” might have led readers to believe that I thought that the Grammy Awards to be a crock of shit, an annual exercise in slapping backs, massaging egos and sucking the cocks of corporate America based on record sales and record sales alone, that have little or nothing to do with the quality of the ‘music’ involved.

In the light of recent events I have come to realise that – far from being a dressy opportunity for the American music industry to rub their complete lack of shame in the world’s face, like the scummy bunch of glad-handing, ass-kissing, hypocritical wank-offs that they are – the Grammys are a highly moral,  strictly aesthetic series of awards, on a par with the Nobel Peace Prize … or, at the very least, the AMP.

I would, of course, like to apologise for any confusion caused.

* See also the Brit Awards, the NME Awards, the Rolling Stone (Australia) Awards, the Oscars, the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, etc, etc.

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