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the thin line between genius and total shithead crap

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Little Roy

Sorry to drag out this horrendous Polyphonic Spree cover again, but someone just drew my attention to a recent live performance of ‘Lithium’ by the mighty Little Roy on Jools Holland … and it seems as good a moment as any to reflect upon the horribly thin line that exists between genius and total shithead crap.

Little Roy

Polyphonic Spree

Listen up. If you think, even for one moment, that there’s anything of merit in the Polyphonic Spree’s horrendously smug, twee, oh-look-at-us-we’re-so-daring-because-we’re-aping-the-bouncing-cheerleaders-in-the-original-’Teen-Spirit’-video, rendition of ‘Lithium’ then you can fuck RIGHT OFF and take your collection of Washed Out and Vampire Weekend watered-down music with you. (Collapse Board, 21.07.11)

I actually prefer the following cover:

Miley Cyrus

Go back to talking about the Miley Cyrus video. Describe how she introduces it as a song that she used to sing around the house with her little brother and how she misses him while she’s on tour. Describe the comments on the video, all the outraged pissed-off comments, declaiming that she has no right to touch the song, that she doesn’t know crap, that she’s just a manufactured pop puppet. Acknowledge that the people making those comments feel like Nirvana represents something precious that they don’t want to see trivialized, defiled, turned into just another product. (Collapse Board, 15.09.11)

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