Triple J Week – Tuesday 26 October

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Day 2 of Triple J week here on Collapse Board and business as usual, with not a whole lot of difference from yesterday.

  • Once again Australian music dominates, although the percentage is slightly down from Monday’s 50%.
  • Less songs were played today than yesterday, 108 versus 114, mainly as a result of The Doctor being back today after being away yesterday, with his ‘Drive’ show including an interview with Lyrics Born.
  • As yesterday, no songs or bands or were played more than once between 9am and 5:30pm
  • The 108 songs played in the 8½ hours works out at 12.7 songs/hour.
Country Total Plays Percentage
Australia 52 48.15%
USA 32 29.63%
UK 13 12.04%
Canada 4 3.70%
New Zealand 2 1.85%
Sweden 2 1.85%
Belgium 1 0.93%
Ethiopia 1 0.93%
France 1 0.93%
Grand Total 108 100.00%

As with yesterday, it’s all about new music and again the day’s playlist only included one song from before the start of the millennium , Powderfinger’s Don’t Want To be Left Out from 1998.

Year Total Plays Percentage
1998 1 0.93%
2001 1 0.93%
2004 1 0.93%
2005 4 3.70%
2006 4 3.70%
2007 4 3.70%
2008 3 2.78%
2009 11 10.19%
2010 79 73.15%
Grand Total 108 100.00%

As yesterday, Melbourne acts dominated the Australian artists played, followed by Sydney, Perth and Brisbane again in fourth place, although with a higher tally than the pitiful two plays that were managed yesterday. The breakdown of plays by city/area is in the following table.

City Total Plays Percentage
Melbourne 19 36.54%
Sydney 14 26.92%
Perth 9 17.31%
Brisbane 6 11.54%
Adelaide 2 3.85%
Blue Mountains 1 1.92%
Newcastle 1 1.92%
Grand Total 52 100.00%

The six Brisbane songs played today were:

  • Don’t Wanna Be Left Out – Powderfinger
  • Sad Rude Future Dude – Ball Park Music
  • Overpass – John Steel Singers
  • Disconnect And Apply – Dead Letter Circus
  • The Hardest Part – Washington
  • Let You Down – Hungry Kids Of Hungary

I have assumed that Washington is a Brisbane act, but maybe she’s now classed as Melbourne now (her Myspace lists her as ‘mid-air, AU’. Zany). What’s depressing is that three of the bands played (Hungry Kids, John Steel Singers and Ball Park Music) are playing the Triple J Australian Music Month gig at the Hi-Fi in a couple weeks and their being played is accompanied with an advert/plug for the show. It makes you wonder whether they would be played if it wasn’t for Triple J promoting the gig, whether they would play something else from Brisbane or whether they’d just ignore Brisbane music in favour of playing some more songs from Melbourne and Sydney acts.

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