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two songs that I’ve been meaning to track down for nearly two decades

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Pounding Serfs

First, Lotion. A reasonably obscure band from NYC. I saw them play a few times, because I was always in NYC during 1992-5. Saw ’em play at Wetlands – bad side of town, 1994, I think it was. Had this UK band play their first U.S. show opening for them. Oasis, I think they were called. They were all right, but I declined the offer to go out drinking with them afterwards as I wanted to say hi to Lotion.

This song used to haunt my drunken waking moments.

One thing
Only one thing
Can make me happy
Your kiss

Gloriously, I see that we – subconsciously, but clearly – named our first son after the title of this album (Full Isaac).

The second is one of the greatest songs that greatest of Pacific Northwest labels (K Records) released.

And you can HEART IT RIGHT HERE! (I mean “hear it”… on second thoughts, “heart it” works just fine.)

Until I glanced at their MySpace page just now I never knew anything about Pounding Serfs, besides loving that big beautiful slab of 12-inch album vinyl from 1989. Of course, they’re from Anacortes WA. Of course, their guitarist is brother of D+’s Bret Lunsford (one of the three members of Beat Happening). Of course they used to be in The Few.

Oh, the song you need from that MySpace page is ‘Slightly Salted’. I don’t have any video links to share with you for that, but here’s ‘Big Foot’.

I’ll be reprising Autohaze’s wonderful, wonderful ‘Dive Into The Sun’

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