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We All Want To

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There are those bands in Brisbane that everyone knows about. The ones who gig weekend and week out, shamelessly self-promote and overcompensate for their general lack of any real musical talent. And those bands fall off the scene very quickly.

There are other bands, however, who spend months at a time writing, recording, rehearsing – getting things just right, so that when it does come time to release their first LP, it’s of a high quality and warrants success and praise. Tim Steward’s latest project, We All Want To, falls into the latter category and I can’t see them falling off the radar anytime soon.

Recently signed to Plus One Records, We All Want To spent a year recording their self-titled album. The result? Ten perfectly crafted songs that you find yourself sinking into. The album is a mixture of upbeat summer riffs and the occasional dark and transcendent bridge. It’s so easy to listen to, yet you never find yourself forgetting that you’re listening to it. And I’m not 100% sure that that even makes sense. I just know that I want to listen to it over and over until it melts into my stereo.

We All Want To are releasing their LP at The Troubadour on 15th October.  The album will be available for digital (bonus tracks included) and physical release on this date. Be there!


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