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what I love about the Internet

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Of course, these people have always existed. But never before have they been given such an opportunity to VENT.

Last night, I received this string of comments from Psychoboy in response to this post.

Submitted on 2011/03/29 at 12:29 am
Okay… wow … pretty intense for just hating one song … I get that way about certain songs, myself … you know…those songs done by hollywood rockstar posers who get dressed up by their record companies and then they just do like a different version of an earlier single hoping to recapture that success. Fine I can see the intensity of hating a song … You go, boy! But … there’s just one thing that you hinted that really pissed me off … You hinted that even though there is no such thing as the worst song ever, you still qualified The Cranberries, “I Just Shot John Lennon” as one. Well, I happen to like the song, dick weed. I didn’t care too much for it at first, and I really didn’t give a rat’s a$$ about John F*ckin’ Lennon, but Dolores admires him … so I tolerate him and eventially the “I Just Shot John Lennon” song took hold of me and especially the play of rhyming Dolores uses in the chorus became very catchy, so … from one experienced music critic to another, listen to it a few more times before you’re ready to nominate it for the worst song ever … and stop t’inking about John Lennon when you listen to it … T’ink of Dolores, Goddess of Song ;)

Submitted on 2011/03/29 at 12:43 am
You’re a complete shmuck. I’m saying this because here you are bashing on Dolores O’Riordan, the most talented artist that has ever toured the globe … talent equivalent to any two of the beatles. Then i become confused at the end of your critic … or are you not bashing on her.

– yet still oddly and horribly fascinating, like going to see Hanging On for a fifth time

Your sarcasm completely escaped me because I have no idea what “Hanging On” was like, nor do I wish to run to the video store to see what it’s about just to understand whether you “are” or “are not” bashing on her. I love your passion and fire on your critiques, but you’re missing somet’ing. People like me see Dolores a lot more differently than you do. Try taking that into consideration. Try being a critic for us and not just your arrogant self ;)

Submitted on 2011/03/29 at 12:48 am
btw, if you don’t post my comment, then you are such a dick … then you can ask yourself, who’s being the communist now, eh?

Submitted on 2011/03/29 at 1:15 am
Hey you little dipshit wipe … Hell has a fucking hand basket for you. Everett True dumbass. You are a cartoon character. Why do you hate Dolores so much? You pompous english fuck? What happened? Got kicked out of your own country for being a dick so you decided to hit the seattle grunge scene? Ooooh, you introduced cobain to love … two fucking god damn losers who ain’t shit today … no t’anks to you. You know all these people in the industry, but how the fuck did you end up being a fucking journalist? “I do not consider myself a journalist”, you say. You fucking pompous idiot … why? because journalists are beneath you? Give us a reason instead of trying to sond cool in your author’s spotlight. Why do you hate Dollores so much, fuck face? Because she has the ability to see the evil son of a bitch in you and will have not’ing to do wit’ you? You may have pulled the wool over Curt and courtney’s eyes, but Dolores is wa-ay to shrewed for a failed musician turned journalist – excuse me, “music critic” like you because it is what you do. If you t’ink that sounds cool, then you are a straight loser. Everyone has the ability to critic, asshole. So Dolores wouldn’t let you near her, huh? Because everyt’ing about you is a fascade. I read your whole bio and you sound like a loser wit’ his ego cut of … ”Ooooh!”, you say. “I ran wit’ the big names! I shook hands wit’ the best!” I’m a critic! That’s what I do!” Tell me did you jerk off Curt cobain, too? You ain’t nobody. Dolores is a goddess. She possesses every attribute a god would possess. All the t’ings that you don’t because it seems as if not that many people believe in you, now do they? If they did … you wouldn’t just be the journalist that you are. And maybe that’s why you’re angry. Grow up, fag boy. Dolores O’Riordan Rocks!

Today threw up a few more considered (hem) comments:

Submitted on 2011/03/29 at 3:51 pm
ooh come on!
we all know Dolores is a super talented woman
doesnt matter what critics say…
people has different opinion that makes life more interesting
Im a huge Dolores fan
and i think you’re being so rude talkin like that about her
cause she is an amazing artist, woman, mom, person
you’re just mad cause she didnt wanted to talk to for a freaking interview or something
come on! get over it!
she doesnt like to talk too much…she just sings
she is famous cause she is talented…

so just get over you
either way…i dont really think Dolores cares if you talk bad about her haha
she isnt worry about what people thinks (pamuchin)

Submitted on 2011/03/29 at 5:13 pm
LOL this Everett guy is pathetic. i used to get pissed off of bad critics when i was younger but now i just laugh and maybe swear a little bit for one thing/.. the bad thing about internet is that every idiot can intoduce his self as anything he dreams to be and failed in real life. I dont even care to read anything about him..just a waste of time..and look how clever his friends are..ahaha..very funny guys.
cranberries fans incuding myself are there forever. she is a way of life. Dolores with no effort at all can control so many people’s life and she is adored by thousands of people in the world.
Dolores didnt promote anything and still she can sold out shows and fill arenas in every single country she is going. She sold so many records…She gained money because of her unusual and beautiful voice…she doesnt have anything to prove.
if you dont like her its ok…if you dont like her and try to convienve others she is bad then you’re stupid because you are stucked in the 19th century. wake up…no one gives a damn about critics..especially critics from people who can’t produce anything themselves… (dolitsa)

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