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Yesterday and today: favourite songs of the Interweb (volume one)

Yesterday and today: favourite songs of the Interweb (volume one)
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To celebrate the new enlarged, enlightened Collapse Board contributors Facebook group, I asked all members to nominate their favourite songs of the day – one old, one new.

Here are the results.

Grades go HD (High Distinction), D (Distinction), C (Credit), P (Pass), F (Fail)

OLD: Sleater-Kinney – Dig Me Out
NEW: Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love
GRADE: D- (graded up for consistency and for introducing me to the second video/graded down because the second video becomes irritating very rapidly)

OLD: Bobby Darin – Nature Boy
NEW: Trash Kit – Medicine
GRADE: HD- (graded up for including YouTube links/graded down for including YouTube links that don’t work in Australia/graded to HD level for TUNES!)

OLD: Faith No More – Falling To Pieces
NEW: Take That Live For Ever
GRADE: F (graded down for making me listen to Faith No More/graded down further for supplying an incomprehensible Take That suggestion)

OLD: Thin Lizzy – Waiting For An Alibi
NEW: Nervous Twitch – Get Back In Line
GRADE: C- (graded up for Thin Lizzy/graded down for shameless self-promotion)

OLD: Hüsker Dü – Pink Turns To Blue
NEW: Gareth Liddiard – Strange Tourist
GRADE: C (graded up for reminding me how much I loved Hüsker Dü in ’87/graded down for supplying an old ‘new’ song)

OLD: Kate Bush – Sat in Your Lap
NEW: FKA Twigs – Hide
GRADE: D (graded up for good taste/graded up further for choosing female artists/graded down for trying to pull a fast one on the system and also submitting this)

OLD: The Specials – Do the Dog
NEW: Whyte Horses – The Snowfalls
GRADE: C+ (graded up for an evocative description of the first song/graded down for thinking shoegazing is ‘new’/graded down further for also trying to buck the system with this)

OLD: The Monkees – Goin’ Down
NEW: Radioactive – Happy Sad Song
GRADE: C (graded up for GREAT choice of Monkees song/graded down just because)

OLD: Luke Jordan – Cocaine Blues
NEWER: Sohns – Let’s Start a Cult
NEW: Math the Band – “January 2008”
GRADE: D (graded up for choosing an old song/graded down for fucking with the system and suggesting a better one/graded down for suggesting two bands he’s quite obviously the singer of, or if he isn’t, ought to be)

OLD: Silver Jews – Random Rules
NEW: Rakta – tudo que é sólido
GRADE: D+ (graded up for instinctively understanding the chasm between Silver Jews and Pavement/graded down for out-obscuring me)

OLD: Ella Fitzgerald – Remember
NEW: ???
GRADE: F (graded down cos it should’ve been Peggy played on a Bang & Olufsen Rx2 turntable with a Pioneer SX 1080 120 watts per channel stereo using Magneplanar Magnepan speakers with bi amped sub-woofer/instant fail for not supplying two songs)

OLD: Pixies – Tame
NEW: Witching Waves – Better Run
GRADE: F (graded up for refusing to be cowed on old school Pixies – and rightly so/graded up for reminding me of Witching Waves’ name/failed for leaving the group shortly after casting his vote)

OLD: Blondie – X Offender
NEW: Ariel Pink – Black Ballerina
GRADE: HD- (I don’t give HDs out lightly but c’mon! It’s Blondie!)

OLD: The Four Tops – If I Were A Carpenter
NEW: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Head On/Pill
GRADE: C+ (graded down for lazy spelling of The Four Tops’ name/graded up for capturing the zeitgeist)

OLD: Robert Wyatt – Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road
NEW: Emily Jones (Owltextures) – Dark Moss and Coldheart
GRADE: C (graded down for excessive English whimsy/graded up for excessive English whimsy)

OLD: Psychedelic Furs – India
NEW: Sleaford Mods – anything
GRADE: D- (graded up for great taste/graded down for being indiscriminate)

OLD: Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People
NEW: HITS – Bitter & Twisted
GRADE: C (graded up for twisting my melon/graded down for twisting my melon a little bit too hard)

OLD: Neu! – Negativland
NEW: Azealia Banks – Soda
GRADE: D+ (graded down for leaving the exclamation mark off Neu!’s name/graded down for trying to buck the system/graded up for making me finally listen to the new D’Angelo)

OLD: The Chills – Pink Frost
NEW: The Cannanes – A Bigger Splash
GRADE: C+ (graded up for consistency/graded down for consistency)

OLD: Planxty – As I Roved Out (Andy)
NEW: Ghost Culture – Giudecca
GRADE: D (graded up for picking two acts I’ve never heard/graded down for picking two acts I never want to hear of again)

OLD: Tomaso Albinoni & Remo Giazotto – Adagio en sol menor
NEW: The War On Drugs – Under Pressure
GRADE: P (graded down for being a smart ass/graded up for picking a decent piece of classical music/graded down because The War On Drugs song isn’t a Queen cover)

OLD: Demetrio Stratos – O Tzitziras O Mitziras
NEW: Electric Six – Jimmy Carter
GRADE: D+ (graded up for totally freaking me out/graded down for “new to me”)

OLD: Brian Eno – Kings Lead Hat
NEW: Silver Shadows – Say Anything
GRADE: P- (graded down for the Eno/U2 connection – harsh, but fair/graded down for the Eno/U2 connection again – sorry but we have to make an example of you, people will never learn otherwise)

OLD: Silver Jews – Trains Across The Sea
NEW: Sleaford Mods – Tied Up In Nottz
GRADE: C+ (graded down for picking two bands that have already been picked/graded up for… man, I’d forgotten how great that Silver Jews song is)

OLD: The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody
NEW: Best Coast – Crazy for You
GRADE: P+ (graded down for reminding me of Robson & Jerome/graded up for… no, wait. Best Coast??!!/graded up for choosing a link to the Best Coast song that doesn’t play in Australia/graded down for making me doublecheck that I don’t like ’em)

OLD: ???
NEW: deux furieuses – The Party of Shaitaan
GRADE: F (graded up for introducing me to great new music/but wait… no old track? Fail!)

OLD: The Honeycombs – Have I The Right
NEW: Colleen Green – Pay Attention
GRADE: D- (graded up because IT’S THE FUCKING HONEYCOMBS!/graded down no YouTube links supplied)

OLD: Laura Nyro – Sweet Blindness
NEW: The Second Hand Marching Band – Love Is A Fragile Thing
GRADE: C- (graded down because I remain confused about Nyro/graded down further because secondhand is misspelled in the band name)

OLD: Morphine – anything
NEW: Jenny Lewis – Head Underwater
GRADE: C+ (graded down for being too indiscriminate in your taste/graded up for going out on a limb with Jenny Lewis)

OLD: ???
NEW: The Bordellos – A Little Sadness
GRADE: F (failed for shameless self-promotion/failed for linking to a video that doesn’t exist)

OLD: Nina Simone – Revolution
NEW: Kali Uchis – Lottery
GRADE: HD+ (graded an automatic HD for linking me to a Nina Simone cover I ain’t heard for two decades – and what a version!/and what hairstyles!/graded even higher for tipping me off to Kali Uchis)

OLD: David Bowie – Moonage Daydream
NEW: Shellac – Riding Bikes
GRADE: D+ (TUNE!/graded up for reminding me that Albini only has one drum sound – but it’s one I dig)

OLD: Janis Joplin – Little Girl Blue
NEW: The Julie Ruin – Ha Ha Ha
GRADE: HD- (graded down for not being the Nina Simone version – much as I love Janis/graded up because I just spotted the comment under the Nina Simone video – “And if you compare this version to Janis’ version, you are comparing apples to bananas”. Fair enough)

OLD: Y tebot piws – Mae rhywyn wedi dwyn fy nhrwyn
NEW: The Ladywell Lout – Ramp it Up For Sleep
GRADE: C (graded up for going obscure but picking a fine tune/graded down for going obscure and not picking a fine tune)

NEW: Young Fathers – Get Up
NEW: Law – Hustle
GRADE: P (graded up for introducing me to Law/graded down for providing two new songs/scrapes a pass for having great taste)

OLD: Kristin Hersh — Like A Hurricane
NEW: Azealia Banks – Chasing Time
GRADE: n/a

OLD: Muse – Stockholm Syndrome
NEW: One Direction – Stockholm Syndrome
GRADE: F+ (repeat after me: it is not big and it is not funny to deliberately try and wind the rest of the class up)

OLD: Iggy Pop – I Won’t Crap Out
NEW: Bent – Bored Good Dog
GRADE: D (graded up for your immaculate lo-fi DIY Brisbane tastebuds/graded down for trying too hard)

OLD: The Clean – Point That Thing Somewhere Else
NEW: Trust Fund – Essay To Write
GRADE: C (a reasonable effort)

OLD: Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Cuban Rebel Girl
NEW: The Nomen – Star Men
GRADE: C+ (graded up for the lo-fi Residents of The Nomen/graded down for not providing links)

OLD: The Osmonds – Crazy Horses
NEW: Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
GRADE: D+ (graded up for your justification of your choices/graded up for having the nous to make your choices)

OLD: Intelligence Dept. – Loneliness
NEW: Thurston Moore – Speak To The Wild
GRADE: D- (graded down for speaking ill of Kim Gordon, despite your disclaimer/graded up just because)

OLD: James Brown & The Famous Flames – I Don’t Mind
NEW: Cocteau Twins – Lorelei
GRADE: HD- (graded down slightly because new (to me) is not an excuse – at least, not for other people/graded up because you did pick one of Cocteau Twins’ finer moments)

OLD: New Age Steppers – Some Love
NEW: ???
GRADE: F (graded up for killer oldie/automatic fail for not supplying a newie)

OLD: David Bowie – Ashes To Ashes
NEW: Anssi Kela – The Boys Of Summer (acoustic cover)
GRADE: P+ (graded down for an overload of Bowie/old and new)

OLD: Sam Cooke – Having A Party [Live At The Harlem Square Club] 1963
NEW: Moons In My Mirror – H Hawkline
GRADE: C- (graded up: It’s Sam Cooke!/graded down: It’s not Sam Cooke)

OLD: Gang Of Four – To Hell With Poverty!
NEW: Paula Temple – Deathvox
GRADE: C (graded down for getting your entry in late/graded up for the drumming)

Top marks to Whatsfor Tea, Jake Cleland, David Callahan, Annette Barlow and Elle Cee. The rest of you need to pull your socks up. It won’t be so easy next time.

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