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10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 11.04.11 – 18.04.11

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No surprise about the top entry. Also, female writers represent! For the first time since I started these charts, there are as many female writers featured as male. Well, excluding me … 

1. Odd Future and sexism etc
One of the first things you’ll probably read about hip-hop collective Odd Future is that they rap about rape. We’re not just talking about the occasional rape reference to induce a sharp intake of breath; we’re talking continuous rape fantasies and graphic descriptions of sexual assault. (Wallace Wylie)
2. The 12 Worst Questions Asked by Australian Media at Snoop Dogg’s Only Australian Press Conference (see featured image)
“How can you stay so skinny when you live so phat?” (Bianca Valentino)
3. subtle use of statistics and juxtaposition to show why Arcade Fire sucks
Take a look at those plays. That’s an entire mountain range of shit music, right there. (Everett True)
4. Arcade Fire suck: it makes mathematical sense in any language
To whip severely, and once again, the Arcade Fire (on the issue had also written Marina), the rigid professor of critical (and algebra) Everett True music around this clings to the logarithms of Last.fm. (ET)
5. Princess Stomper deconstructs the Art of the Pop Song
Great songs have rules – surprisingly rigid ones at that. It’s not that the songs that obey those rules are automatically good, but that the ones that break those rules are almost universally bad. (Princess Stomper)
6. Pretzel Logic – 1-3 (Record Store Day Edition): Hormoaning (Nirvana)
Any major dude will tell you: we need a better, more objective way to write about Record Store Day. Thus, dear Rikki, I’ve taken to some basic laws of inference to deduce why you’ll have to take to eBay on Saturday night. (Logan K. Young)
7. stealing music
“There was once a great musician Mandelo, and people came from all over the land to see him play and give him gold pieces. The musician was famous across the land. One day he discovered that a musician at the far reaches of the land was playing his music. This infuriated Mandelo, so he decided to travel across the great land to demand a portion of this musician’s gold.” (Edward Guglielmino)
8. Song of the day – 326: Odd Future
I personally find Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer or a film like London To Brighton or pretty much any mafia-glorifying movie way more offensive than almost any music I can name, even Coldplay. (ET)
9. Joey Ramone R.I.P. 19.05.51 – 15.04.01
“Wait,” says Joey Ramone, confused. “Can you repeat that again? When you’re young and you’re in a structured situation and you want to break away … which song in particular are you talking about?” (ET)
10. a link to the greatest compilation ever
When I say ‘greatest’, I am of course talking from an entirely subjective viewpoint. (ET)
10. It’s OK. Pop music isn’t broken.
This talk of reverence and inheritance worries me. The idea that you should shut the fuck up because your progenitors haven’t yet been accorded their rightful due is so damn paralysing. You mention punk ethos, but punk was never nostalgic. Or overly bothered about what was owed or deserved. (ET + Lucy Cage)

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