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10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 17.03.11-26.03.11

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The top two are runaway winners. (Most weeks, the Edwin Hawkins Singers post would’ve come top, by a distance.) The sheer volume of words in the comments section of the first alone makes my head swim. No editing in the comments section! Well, very little …

1. Death Rattle – The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Oasis and the travesty of British Alternative Rock in the 90s
1991 saw the release of the woefully-titled Screamadelica … Never has an album been so undeserving of its legendary status. (Wallace Wylie)
2. Why Music Critics Suck
Don’t tell me how an album makes you “feel”, you jerkstore, just tell me how much it costs and I’ll figure out the rest. (Kelly McClure)
3. Song of the day – 305: The Edwin Hawkins Singers (see featured image)
Greatest vocal performance on vinyl ever? One of them, for sure. (Everett True)
4. Fuck The Dream. Marry for the love and not the money.
A voice in my head is screaming, Yes Yes Yes give me MORE! (Hannah Golightly)
5. Everett True does not like Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon make rock music for people who don’t really like rock music. Reverse those two words ‘really’ and ‘don’t’. (ET)
6. Song of the day – 307: Cults (a rejoinder to the hipsters)
If you weren’t into Cults during the spring of 2010 you might as well give up and get the fuck out of music. (ET)
7. Song of the day – 304: Float Riverer
My only complaint about The White Stripes was that the band weren’t composed of two Meg Whites. (ET)
8. Neil Diamond @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 23.03.11
He plays five versions of ‘I’m A Believer’. Count them. Five. (ET)
9. Song of the day – the Top 40
There’s a link to a couple of mix-tapes at the bottom. (ET)
10. extracts from Conversations with Punx – 9. Henry Rollins
“When religious organisations get together to protest gay people’s right to be married or happy, I will be happy to read about them getting a foot up their ass.” (Bianca Valentino)

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