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10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 28.04.11 – 05.05.11

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Nice to see two album reviews and an interview in there. It indicates people are starting to read Collapse Board outside our immediate circle of Facebook and Twitter followers.

Oh, and for those of you still wondering about the monetary value of being featured on CB – Boo Frog, one of the featured bands in the top two posts, finally got offered a UK tour the day after the first one appeared, while the other band, Tasmania’s Sole Stickers’ Facebook page had 2,482 page views in the week following (with over 1,100 on the 3rd alone), with weekly active users up 973 per cent.

1. how to get featured on a music website (see featured image)
Sure, we’re open to bribery here at Collapse Board. Isn’t everyone in the music industry? We just like to be a little more open about it, that’s all. (Everett True)
2. addenda to ‘how to get featured on a music website’
Anyway. Here’s the rub. Neither of the above examples were bribes, not in the traditional meaning of the word. Far from it. (ET)
3. Wild Beasts – Smother (Domino)
There’s just something about proper English men singing about dirty mouths, I swear. (Kelly McClure)
4. something I was wrong about
I’m sometimes asked if I ever change my mind after a review has been published. Yes, I do. Here’s one example. (ET)
5. three really … and I mean REALLY … bad songs
The second is just astonishingly atrocious. It’s not so much the forced gaiety, or the asinine middle Earth hippie imagery, or the out-of-tune ‘melody’, or … no, wait. It is. (ET)
6. Odd Future and sexism etc
The misogyny and homophobia on display in Odd Future’s output is sickening. I’m not sure how anyone could even think of playing it to a gay friend. Are they supposed to be open-minded and have a sense of humour about it? (Wallace Wylie)
7. Song of the day – 324: Eliza Doolittle
She makes me want to act like a fag hag all over again. (ET)
8. No Anchor – Real Pain Supernova (self-released)
… and all you’re left with is a 50-minute soundtrack for stomping around the apartment, lumbering from foot to foot like a rampaging monster, bestriding your beige carpet like a neutered colossus. (Scott Creney)
9. my favourite comment left on Collapse Board
“Apparently I now speak for the historical Everett True and Jerry speaks for the knee-jerk Everett True.” (ET)
10. The Collapse Board interview: Beth Murphy (Times New Viking)
“I’ve never purposefully tried to sing badly. I just think my voice sounds better on this record than in records past.” (Logan K. Young)

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