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10 Random Songs on my iPod (played when I’m bone tired)

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Want to write something. Not sure what.

1. Thee Spivs – It’s True
And it’s a corking good start for this late night session: some straight ahead ramalama snotty-voiced young punk rock from the dead ends of London – saw this trio play the 100 Club just before Christmas, and damn they rocked. And blistered. And made me feel as old as I am. Man, they looked great, sharp and I loved the suedehead contingent too. It was like Billy Childish, age 16. Perhaps. (I never saw Billy Childish, age 16.) One drunken female fan fell straight at my feet, and offered her hand to me to waltz while she was recovering. Wish I’d accepted. She was very drunk though.
2. Agent Ribbons – Birds And Bees
Damn, I’ve got great taste! Killer follow-up from my favourite discovery last year, that sultry and subtle and sticky-seditious American duo Agent Ribbons. This one’s from On Time Travel And Romance, and is smart and refined and features just the sort of acoustic and minimalist drumming I love, plus a voice to snuggle up close to in the wilds of night. Makes me shiver with delight. Really. There’s something about the way the voice drops out just when you don’t expect it, even after 30 listens.
3. The Equals – Georgetown Girl
Kinda like The Foundations, only not quite so. Pop reggae from the mid-Seventies, and still more than enough to bring a smile to my face.
4. The Like – Narcissus In A Red Dress
If I had a guilty pleasure, this would be it. I refuse to write more.
5. 400 Blows – Love
I swear, I don’t even know what this is. Something like Throbbing Gristle or 23 Skidoo, and from the same era I suspect. Music and sound is barely there. In future years this would be called deep ambient or Darkstar or something, and everyone would rave over it.
6. Rackula – Bloodline
Rackula! They rack!
7. The Birthday Party – Sometimes Pleasure Heads Must Burn
From the live 1985 Missing Link album. Some fucking sweet-as Rowland S Howard guitar. Scream you motherfuckers!
8. The Thin Kids – My Baby Treats Me Mean
Unreleased. And, indeed, unheard. And deservedly so. From the abortive “garage” sessions which followed on immediately from the Kate Nash tour before we realised that no one was looking our way any more. That was, until the fellow from Radio 2 (UK) showed up a few months later…
9. Jackie Mittoo – Gold Dust
Gorgeous instrumental ska-reggae with a keyboard sound to die for.
10. Gary Numan – Friends
Not prime Gary Numan by any stretch of the imagination, but classic Gary Numan nonetheless. We just loved him because he was from Essex.

P.S. If I’d been hyper-cool I’d have claimed the following was played among the first 10 random songs. But it wasn’t. So I’m not.
11. Young Marble Giants – Choci-Loni

P.P.S. Does everyone always lie about these things?

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