Brigette Herron’s Favorite Moments of 2011: A Meditation on Decay & Rebirth

The end of the year is upon us. On this side of the world, everything is dying.

 Princess Stomper

Battles – Gloss Drop (Warp)

Bloody hell, this is good. I didn’t know Battles got this good.

 Wallace Wylie

Moon Duo – Mazes (Sacred Bones)

Music culture doesn’t have any kind of forward momentum anymore so albums like Mazes are allowed to exist without much complaint.

 Wallace Wylie

Death Rattle – The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Oasis and the travesty of British Alternative Rock in the 90s

Large elements of the UK alternative press seemed to be waiting for the right guitar band to get behind, the right guitar band to believe in. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Stone Roses.

 Everett True

10 Random Songs on my iPod (played when I’m bone tired)

One drunken female fan fell straight at my feet, and offered her hand to me to waltz while she was recovering. Wish I’d accepted.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 74: Echoes In Rows

This song is by Adam Leonard. Actually, this song is by Adam Leonard as one-half of Echoes In Rows. (The other half is one David Ansara, playing some fine analogue synths.) Adam doesn’t normally remotely sound like this. I once wrote of Adam Leonard (solo) that he’d made a “Charming, ramshackle album that whirls and […]