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21 femme-led pop/punk recommendations from Facebook

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VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITES! The four entries with the most votes I’ll feature in my next Bust column. Or maybe they could just give me the whole music section this time around. Some of these are fucking amazing!


Peter Parker from Glasgow

The Shondes from Brooklyn

Explode Into Colors from Portland, Oregon

The Barettas from Hamilton, Ontario

Rackula from Hamilton, Ontario

Dead Reckoning from Austin, Texas

Miss The Occupier from Glasgow

La Chatte from France

Mensch from France (free download here)

The Konki Duet from France

Karaocake from France

La Sera from Los Angeles

No Joy from Montreal

Butts from Seattle

Grass Widow from San Francisco

Weird TV from Olympia, Washington

Son Skull from Olympia, Washington

Holly McNish from Reading Cambridge Glasgow London (poetry)

Divorce from Glasgow

Morgan And The Organ Donors from Olympia, Washington

Woolf from London

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