A long weekend in Melbourne

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Training day in Melbourne on a Friday so we look up the listings for something to do.

Festival Hall
I decide to kick off with a bit of Soundwave that I missed in Brisbane, so Thursday night arrive Melbourne Airport, race to Festival Hall, Tascam in pants ’cause I have been warned about pat-downs, no pat-downs [note to self, if trousering stuff, jockeys work better than boxers] pick up Tascam from floor, crush glasses with other foot. So far, so good.

God, but Festival Hall has shit house sound. Monster Magnet then Murderdolls then stuff-this-for-a-game-of-soldiers Rob Zombie, can’t be any better [or worse] than Murderdolls. I am now over men in dress-ups and edgy makeup singing about the devil an’ shit and thanking us for coming along tonight an’ here’s a song about dead things I have crafted just for you thanks again. What is it about American satanists that they insist on being polite to their victims? Probably should have gone to see the Bronx. So early to bed ’cause work tomorrow

Monster Magnet – Live @ Festival Hall – 03 Mar 3011

Murderdolls – Live @ Festival Hall – 03 Mar 3011

The Old Bar
And wasn’t that bit fun? Accountants are boring and so to alleviate the boring I go to the Old Bar and on the way run into Paul from MOTO who is also at the corner asking directions and he’s old like me so it’s easy to strike up a conversation about getting lost. We see Mere Women from Sydney and they are nice, then Paul MOTO with a Spazzys drummer and an Onya bassist and they are fun, then Kamakasi Trio and they rock, then Kretch who are pretty good value and who are big shaven-headed Croatians as are half their audience and don’t even ask about the men (God, hope I got that right and they aren’t Armenian or something). Anyway, they are punks who offer to be available for anal sex after the show but I have to leave early to get the last tram back to the city, eat a pizza and bottle of wine, then bed. It’s all in the timetable.

Mere Women – Live @ The Old Bar – 04 Mar 2011

MOTO – Live @ The Old Bar – 04 Mar 2011

Kamikazi Trio – Live @ The Old Bar – 04 Mar 2011

Kretch – Live @ The Old Bar – 04 Mar 2011

The Tote
Do stuff the next day then off to The Tote [I had imagined something bigger and a Drones show would be something else in there] for Mortimer, no … wait, Montero who comprise two Crayons, the singer from Treetops named Montero believe it or not, and some others I don’t immediately recognize and who I enjoy but my daughter doesn’t. Then Scott & Charlene’s Wedding who seriously kick pop arse. Across the road for a curry at the Singapore curry shop which is really good and I’m pretty sure Link Meanie was there at a birthday party. Back for Super Wild Horses (see featured image) and I’m going out on a limb here and will make enemies but why do they change the whole dynamic of the set by getting the drummer up to play one note lines and sing, while the guitarist, who can sort of drum, does her best to make it interesting? Sorry Super Wild Horses. Sunny & The Sunsets are playing Primavera in May – did I mention I am going to Primavera again? – and I’m pretty tired so I went back to the hotel. There was some wine left.

Montero – Live @ The Tote – 05 Mar 2011

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Live @ The Tote – 05 Mar 2011

Super Wild Horses – Live @ The Tote – 05 Mar 2011

Sunday was fine and a beautiful day in Melbourne so we drank some beer at the beer place in Fed square then I came home. Must do this more often.

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