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addenda to ‘how to get featured on a music website’

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First, if you haven’t done so already, you should read this.

Now, I find myself needing to throw in a further explanation. The examples I give in the previous blog entry of payola from bands …

Sole Stickers – $50 (Australian)
Boo Frog – $15 (US) + a variety of gifts, including a fine children’s T-shirt

… I fear I may have given a slightly erroneous impression.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We LOVE bribes here at Collapse Board, the more straightforward (i.e. cash) the better. We love that you should deem us important enough to want to financially validate us. We also believe that everything should be above board: if you want editorial in exchange for money or useful gifts* then we are happy to give it to you, but you have to expect transparency in return – i.e. we state the reason WHY we’re running the article, and also the gift doesn’t guarantee positive coverage. (Only music we like will result in that.) Still, all publicity is good publicity – right?

Anyway. Here’s the rub. Neither of the above examples were bribes, not in the traditional meaning of the word. Far from it. James from the fine Launceston, Tasmania (not NZ, as previously erroneously stated) 60s garage-influenced Sole Stickers actually sent the money over with the instruction that I SHOULDN’T write about his band. He sends further clarification:

“Firstly, thank you for the positive acknowledgement of the group with your article about ‘how to get featured … ” but I just wanted to clarify a point. Whilst I’ve grown accustomed to paying for advertorials in street press I initially contacted you with the hope of commissioning you to write a private critique of the Sole Stickers album We Got All Things That Are Good.  In the same manner as Sole Stickers hired professionals we respect to record, mix and perform on our recording I feel that professional criticism is just as important in the development of the music and that you wouldn’t pull any punches in your assessment of the CD regardless of payment.

“My intention with the money was primarily to show I was being serious about the offer and that I appreciate your work as a critic. Although I would never object to any publicity, I certainly never intended for it to come off as a bribe for public acknowledgement on your website. That said, as a reader of the Collapse Board, I will gladly contribute financial support like I do for local community radio stations and assorted blogs/forums I frequent if that will help you continue your work!

“I’d appreciate it if you could amend the context with which Sole Stickers are mentioned in that article if you are agreeable with what I’ve raised above.”

Now, for Bangs’ sake, if that isn’t the very spit of the type of reader we want to encourage here at Collapse Board! So c’mon, why not follow his example today?

ramonesfan79@yahoo.co.uk – that’s the PayPal account to send money to

And as for Erika of Boo Frog … at no stage whatsoever did she state that she wanted another mention on CB. She sent the T-shirt across because she knows Isaac is a fan of her band: and the other stuff (newspaper, DVD, cassette tape, etc) because she knows that she and I share many musical interests.

For the record, we’re talking Next Big Thing, Missing Link, Posies, ’67 Kinks, someone more obscure than the Easybeats, someone better known than the Stingrays… when we’re talking about Sole Stickers. Some fine use of the spoken word, and of feedback, too. Just for future reference, you understand. They come with an official Collapse Board Seal of Approval that has nothing to do with financial acumen, everything to do with our consummate good taste.


*CDs/MP3s and/or band T-shirts don’t USUALLY come under this category, not commonly being useful

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