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Fado (“the saddest music in the world”)

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Amália Rodrigues

by João Santos

Fado is a very old Portuguese music style that appeared after 1840 in Lisbon and narrates stories of full pain and nostalgia. Fado was generally sung by one person called “a fadista”, accompanied by the Portuguese guitar and the classical guitar. Amália Rodrigues was the queen of Portuguese Fado worldwide. Here are five of the best artists.

Mariza: ‘Gente da Minha Terra’
[I know it’s the same song twice. It’s a different recording, though. Also: you think I can’t stand to hear this song 20,000 times? – Ed]

Amália Rodrigues: ‘Barco Negro’

Ana Moura: ‘Leva-me aos Fados’

Camané: ‘Sei de um Rio’

Carlos do Carmo: ‘Um Homem na Cidade’

P.S. For the Nirvana fans among us. You might want to fast-forward through the guitar solo.

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