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Feathers live @ Burst City, 03.09.10

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There’s a mighty big industry bun-fest going on in Brisbane right now. And that’s lovely for all those taking part, I’m sure.

But for those of us who still cherish the naive belief that music shouldn’t just involve

  1. Media achievements (last 12 months) – radio, reviews, on line action, database numbers etc
  2. Current team – international and domestic recording, publishing, sync, distribution, managers, agents, etc
  3. Current export target markets and plans
  4. Touring details (last 12 months)
  5. Touring plans (next 12 months)

(selection criteria for Big Sound 2010 Artists Showcase Applications)

It’s rather enjoyable to be able to drive down to the south bank on a Friday night, and watch some of Brisbane’s finest … Blank Realm, Slug Guts, The Deadnotes … and the subject of these words, Feathers.

Feathers intrigue me, because 1) I was warned off them a while back by a female Brisbane hipster along the lines of “you’ll like them: they can’t play” – a grossly misleading statement in two respects; and 2) the music they favour (psychedelic: repetitive: harmonious in its disharmony: simple yet structured) is indicative to me of a certain strain of Australian music.

First thought: ah, another band who once saw Sonic Youth play and haven’t got over it.

Second thought: absolute rubbish. This is music filtered through listening processes that involve most of the great hidden Xpressway and Flying Nun bands of the late 80s/early 90s, chucks in a little dank 60s garage rock cos that’s what Australia does the best, some Krautrock, loves ‘underground’ Americana circa 1992, for sure, but also the churning miasma of Au Go Go… and wait, is this an all female band? Fuckin’ cool. Doesn’t matter either way, but fuckin’ cool. If this was the UK or US they wouldn’t be. But this is Australia, and Australia has given us Beaches and Lighthouse Keepers and Love Of Diagrams and…

That’s all I have to say right now, except that I dig the repetitive Feathers groove the most, especially when they have their multi-layered harmony thing going on, and that all their songs should be seven minutes long, not three…

Great fucking venue too: under the radar. Man, I wish I could’a stayed to see Fabulous Diamonds. I love that new album.

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