Scott Creney

Sissy Spacek – Wastrel Projection (Handmade Birds)

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By Scott Creney

Eventually someone was bound to out-scorch Melt Banana, bound to shave Harry Pussy into irrelevance, and bound to just come along and fucking liquefy your face.  Thirty-two songs in five minutes, each one signaled by the clicking of sticks. Beyond meaning. Beyond sound. Beyond music. Beyond sense. Boredoms is The Beach Boys. Beefheart is a tv preacher. Sonic Youth is so fucking what. This is screaming John Coltrane on fire seconds from cancerous death.

Calisthenic Fastfood Overspill
Mirrored Cesspool Assassination
Lutheran Atomic Disaster
Endless Charred Roundabout
Vindictive Lamp Etching
Scraped Flashlight Trauma
Perfume Murder Blister
Sleazo Trance Induction
Selective Grape Indicator
Perverted Century Ritual

It’s better than music. Better than life. Unfit for human consumption. Like styrofoam cheese in a can. Spray it all over your friends and watch them love it. Spray it all over your enemies and watch them crumble and weep.

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