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Six more great things from 2011

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William D Drake

By Princess Stomper

Album: Gloss Drop, Battles
Gloss Drop is the sort of album that makes you want to jump up and down. It’s music to be excited about. The type of record where it’s impossible to pick a favourite. Whenever I think of this album, I smile.

Song: ‘Thru And Thru’, Gang Gang Dance
Though Eye Contact is a fairly strong album, ‘Thru And Thru’ stands far above the other tracks. Quite aside from the distinctive vocals and “exotic” arrangement, I’m a total sucker for that percussion.

(Stream it here.)

Song: ‘Revolution’, Sophie Ellis-Bextor
The exceptionally confident, instantly memorable, addictive opening track from Make A Scene sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Video: ‘Lotus Flower’, Radiohead
Such a simple idea, so beautifully executed. Even though the choreography reminds me somewhat of The Blue Aeroplanes, there’s something about its jerky grace that makes me want to watch it over and over. I love it when Radiohead write proper, hummable pop songs.

Video: ‘Perform This Way’, Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al’s Lady Gaga impersonation is, unfortunately, much better than anything Ms Germanotta’s come up with in a while. It works both as a spot-on impression and ridiculously infectious pop song.

Book: Welcome To The Music Industry … You’re F***ed, Martin Atkins
Maybe it’s the wanton cruelty to a cute cartoon bunny that tickles me (poor bunny!), or maybe it’s that former Killing Joke/PIL/NIN/Ministry drummer Martin Atkins has now uploaded his handy guide for aspiring musicians for free, but I find this utterly charming.

(Download it here.)

Favourite piece of music writing: William D Drake’s The Rising Of The Lights by Lucy Cage
This is the type of music review that makes you want to

  1. rush out and buy the album
  2. start writing music reviews and hope you ever get this good.

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