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THE REGULAR REVIEW: Bloc Party – Four (Frenchkiss)

There’s nothing wrong with Four. It’s a collection of solidly written, flawlessly performed indie rock songs that sound almost exactly like Muse, and therein lies the problem. There just isn’t any reason for Four to exist.

 Princess Stomper

Things I bought with my Christmas money

As if my mind needed bending lately.

 Princess Stomper

Six more great things from 2011

I love it when Radiohead write proper, hummable pop songs.

 Everett True

15 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 19.06.11 – 27.06.11

“You want to stay in that comfort zone. It helps you block out the world.”


William D Drake – The Rising Of The Lights (Onomatopoeia)

There is no such thing as a casual Cardiacs fan.